„KETO easy“ Tiramisu

„KETO lengvai“ desertas Tiramisu
Tiramisu dessert with extremely rich taste and different textures. Although created for those who follow a ketogenic (keto) diet, the taste will definitely please all eaters. A unique recipe created by Biržai bread technologist Egle.

friendly to ketogenic diet | low in carbohydrates | convenient portion size packaging | with almond flour | sweetened with the sweetener xylitol. Contains coffee.
We recommend storing at a temperature of 0 +6 ° C. Biržų duonos krautuvėse, Sucré kepinių namuose bei draugų parduotuvėse.

100 g. (EAN: 4770078197976)

  • "low carb"
  • without wheat flour
  • draugiškas keto
  • migdolų miltai
„KETO lengvai“ desertas Tiramisu „KETO lengvai“ desertas Tiramisu