Bagels with poppies

Riestainiai su aguonomis
For children, their parents and grandparents, we offer an uplifting snack – a soft ring-roll with poppy seeds. And if there is milk or a spoon of homemade jam next to the ring roll… Yummy!

Packaging: 500 g.
EAN: 4770078192353
Shelf life: 7 days

Frozen bagels are also available:
50 g. x 35 pcs. (EAN: 4770078193947)
Shelf life: -18 °C (6 months), after baking - 4 days

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  • free of hydrogenated fats
  • lactose-free
  • draugiška veganams
  • formuojama rankomis
    formed by hands
Riestainiai su aguonomis Riestainiai su aguonomis