Sausainiai „Macarons“
Macarons are one of the most famous French delicacies that have won the hearts of gourmets all over the world. Crispy crust and soft pieces of meringue melting in the mouth with velvet soft cream. Light, colorful and playful macarons provide unlimited opportunities to create an impressive dessert table.

Some dream of the romantic streets of Paris, while others dream of endless handfuls of macarons. Oh, those colorful almond clouds...

Strawberry, cappuccino, champagne, lemon, mint, lavender flavors (diameter 3.5 cm, weight 7 g.)

170 g. (EAN: 4770078193398)
0,5 kg. (EAN: 0000000028905)
Shelf life: 14 days

Frozen biscuits are also available:
170 g. x 6 pcs.
600 g. (EAN: 4770078196436)
Shelf life: -18 °C (6 months), after baking - 14 days

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Sausainiai „Macarons“ Sausainiai „Macarons“